Age of Empires 2 (AOE2) Update 78174 Patch Notes

    Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition (AOE2) update 78174 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official AOE 2 patch notes, the latest update adds an Xbox Celebration event and balance changes. Apart from this, Age of Empires 2 (AOE 2) patch 78174 also includes stability fixes.

    Previously, a big update was released with new Maps, Spectator chat is now activated, and lots of bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing several issues while playing the game.

    Today’s AOE2 patch 78174 will fix a few of these issues.

    AOE2 Update 78174 Patch Notes – March 8, 2023


    Stability & Performance

    • Fixed crashes related to Empire Wars.


    • Fixed an issue where units could pass through palisades/walls/buildings.

    Xbox/X Cloud

    Stability & Performance

    • The game no longer crashes when pressing the town bell button after a town center was destroyed.
    • The game no longer crashes when switching repeatedly between Xbox home and the game application.
    • The game no longer crashes while viewing the map pool screen while in the Ranked menu.
    • Addressed a crash that could occur while toggling cross-input matchmaking on or off.


    • Fixed the find menu from opening when trying to navigate the cheats/quick taunt menu.
    • Addressed UI issues around 3v3 and 4v4 matches and lobbies on Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X.
    • Fixed issue where site-based command would not pick the closest unit.


    • Increased the size of the enlarged mini-map by 1.75x to improve the readability of the mini-map from a distance. The enlarged mini-map is accessible on the Console UI by holding down the right bumper on your controller.
    • Fixed an issue where the Find Buildings menu could pop up instead of the cheats menu when using a controller.


    • Fixed an issue where villagers would not build foundations when queuing multiple building foundations with Villager Priorities enabled using a controller.


    • Max zoom on console has increased from 1.25 to 3.
    • In-game voice chat now has a toggle in the audio settings menu.

    Civilization Balance


    • Siege/Armored Elephant – HP reduced from 200 ▶ 180 / 250 ▶ 220
    • Siege Elephant – Cavalry Armor increased from 8 ▶ 10, Elephant Armor increased from 18 ▶ 20, and Ram armor decreased from 2 ▶ 0


    • Houfnice – upgrade cost increased from 950 food / 750 gold ▶ 1100 food / 800 gold
    • Houfnice – blast radius decreased from 0.8 ▶ 0.7


    • Economic upgrades discount reduced from 40% ▶ 33%


    • Elite Chakram Throwers now deal the intended 1 bonus damage vs Condottieri
    • Corrected rounding errors in the bonus damage of some units:
      • Hussar bonus vs Monks increased from 16 ▶ 17
      • Camel Rider bonus vs Camels increased from 6 ▶ 7
      • Heavy Camel Rider bonus vs Cavalry decreased from 26 ▶ 25
      • Armored Elephant bonus vs Buildings increased from 97 ▶ 100
      • Armored Elephant bonus vs Siege increased from 32 ▶ 33
      • Genitour bonus vs Archers increased from 5 ▶ 6
      • Elite Genitour bonus vs Archers increased from 6 ▶ 7


    • Villagers cost discount reduced from 10/15/20/25% ▶ 5/10/15/20% in Dark/Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age


    • Folwark – Instant food conversion decreased from 10% ▶ 8%


    Scenario Editor

    • Fixed armor and attack attributes in custom scenarios, retroactively fixing custom-made maps.
    • Fixed crashes when clicking the Reset button in Scenario Editor.
    • Fixed an issue where Set Object did not always work properly.

    Download free Age of Empires 2 update 62085 on PC(Steam).

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